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Wellness has issued a recall of one of its wellness dog food recipes. The recall applies specifically to the 12 pound bags of Wellness Small Breed Adult Health dry dog food. High moisture content was cited as the problem. Excessive moisture leads to mold formation and the manufacturer was aware of the fact that this could cause mold formation to occur prior to the product expiration date.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the company, its website and servers, suffered severe damage and they are working around the clock to restore their facility and facilitate communication.

Pet owners who have purchased the tainted dog food are welcome to contact the company directly at 800-225-0904 or email them at info@wellpet.com for replacement product at this time. Apparently refunds are not being offered.

According to Wellpet LLC., the company that owns Wellness, consumers whose dogs have eaten the product should not suffer any health consequences, nor have any instances of sickened canines been reported yet.

Tired of all these pet food recalls? So, what’s the solution?

Consider making home-made dog food. Simply, divide your pet’s meal plan into thirds. Make 1/3: lean protein, 1/3 long acting carbohydrates and the final third fiber or fresh vegetables.

Lean protein choices include meat such as chicken, turkey, beef, veal, duck and venison. Other types of lean protein include fish, tofu and eggs.

Choices for long acting carbohydrates include rice, barley, potatoes, pasta, noodles and macaroni.

Vegetable choices to fulfill the fiber category include broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, green beans, spinach, carrots and more.

Choose one item from each category, cook according to personal preference, mix together and then remember dogs like food that smells good, so season it up. The top three flavors most dogs enjoy are barbecue sauce, pasta or tomato sauce and low sodium Tamari sauce.

Proportions to feed your dog match those of commercial diets. For dogs with allergies it’s fine to eliminate the carbohydrates so just make the meal 50/50; half protein and half fresh vegetables.

How do you balance your dog’s home-made diet?

Simply add a comprehensive pet vitamin-mineral supplement and give that daily according to the directions.

Pet owners that are not sure about how to choose the best pet supplement for their dog should ask their veterinarian for a recommendation.

Home-made pet diets take a little extra time and preparation but the results are well worth the effort.

Try it for a month and decide for yourself.

Many pet owners not only experience excellent results but also save a few dollars in the process.

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She welcomes new canine and feline patients. Dr. Carol also offers pet health consultations and answers pet health questions and makes homemade pet diets by phone and e-mail for her online pet loving community.

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