Supplements for Cats with Feline AIDS (FIV)

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Just as humans can contract Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that leads to AIDS, cats can acquire Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) resulting in feline or kitty AIDS. Pet owners or caregivers to cats with FIV or kitty AIDS often seek out ways to help support the immune system of their pets. Recently one pet owner asked Dr Carol for her recommendation of an immune boosting supplement for his cat with kitty AIDS. No stranger to Dr Carol’s work, he asked about PAAWS, and whether this supplement that had worked miracles in other pets would help his feline friend.

Dr Carol recommends VitaLife, rather than PAAWS, for these immune compromised cats. For FIV infected kittens and cats up to the age of six, the adult formula of VitaLife is recommended. Cats who have reached age seven and over will have better immune support with the senior formula. Using VitaLife, even cats suffering from FIV and feline AIDS can enjoy a full life, living well into their teenaged years. However, Dr Carol does caution these pet owners to be very diligent about their pets dental care. Dental issues such as plaque build-up are extremely common in FIV cats.

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