Pet Treat Recalls Expand

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The current chicken jerky treat issue has sickened over 2200 dogs and killed 360 canines. Purina’s Waggin Train and Canyon Creek jerky treats have been reported as the top two offending brands followed by Del Monte’ Milos Kitchen Home Style Jerky treats.

Pet kidney failure, Fanconi Syndrome, Liver disease and death have been reported as a result of dogs being fed these jerky treats. To date, despite ongoing law suits from coast to coast, no FDA recall or alert has been issued.

In addition, the recent human peanut butter recall has spread to involve pet peanut butter treats.

Sunland Inc., the manufacturer initially recalled 75 almond and peanut butter products as well as other products containing nuts due to Salmonella bacterial contamination. This was reported by 29 sickened people in 18 states.

This peanut butter FDA recall has expanded to include pet peanut butter treats specifically those marketed as Dogsbutter sold by a company called Dog for Dog.

 American beef bully sticks sold at Target and marketed by Boots & Barkley have also been recalled by the FDA due to testing positive for Salmonella bacterial contamination. These bully sticks were sold in a six count clear plastic bag from April through September marketed with the bar code 647263899189.

Salmonella is a Zoonotic disease transmittable between pets and people. Just touching the products is enough to transmit the disease.

Salmonella infection signs include vomiting and diarrhea with or without blood, lethargy, cramping, and fever and appetite loss. In addition, in human’s arthritis, heart involvement called endocarditis eye irritation and urinary tract signs may also occur. People who suspect they may have contacted the disease should contact their primary health care physician. Pet owners should stop feeding the tainted treats and contact their veterinarian.


All contaminated peanut butter and bully stick products may be returned for a refund according to the companies.

Consumers who purchased tainted bully sticks may also call Boots & Barley directly at 800-218-4417 to address the problem.

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