Pet Kidney Disease:Phosphorus Binders for Dogs & Cats

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Pet Products to remove Excess Phosphorus for Dogs & Cats with Kidney Disease

Aluminum hydroxide (ALOH) is currently recommended by Board Certified Veterinary Internists at the University of Davis, veterinary hospital as the product of choice to use in pets to effectively bind and eliminate excess phosphorus from the body. It has effectively replaced Epikacin for this purpose.

The Pet Kidney Dialysis Center at University of Davis in California is top notch, offering state of the art treatment, dialysis and kidney transplants for pets with advanced kidney failure.

Azodyl is an over the counter product made in France and distributed by a company called Vetoquinol for pets. Another company Kilbow Biotics, sells Azodyl for humans. Azodyl, contains three varieties of “good bacteria”, or what we refer to as probiotics, (also found in organic yogurt, such as “activia”)  specifically E. thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophilus (KB 27), and B. longum (KB 31), along with some Psyllium husk.

The Vetoquinol web site suggests that using Azodyl, along with another product, called Epikacin they also manufacture helps to reduce nitrogenous waste and flush “uremic” toxins from the bodies of dogs and cats with kidney problems, therefore lowering BUN and Creatinine blood levels.

Epikacin, made by the same company, is a Calcium based product, labelled to bind excess phosphorus and help eliminate it from the body, in pets with kidney failure. Unfortunately, excess calcium blood levels are usually also present in pets with kidney failure and because of this, newer products specifically Aluminum Hydroxide is considered to be the best product available to reduce excess phosphorus and calcium blood levels.

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  1. good review Says:

    This means they are also in direct control of the ingredients they use in their products and it proves that this product is so effective…Thanks for sharing..

  2. vv Says:

    hello, the problem is azodyl isn’t in the vet and we must order in usa and it’s difficult because probiotics must fresh. sorry my english is bad.

  3. Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM Says:

    Hi V V,
    Consider pet probiotics that are effective and stable at room temperature. These are cost effective, broad spectrum and can be shipped without losing efficacy.
    Thank you
    Dr Carol Osborne, DVM

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