Pet Food Recalled: Grain Free Brands for Dogs & Cats

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After testing positive for Salmonella bacterial contamination, by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Natura Pet Products is recalling several lots of its dry pet food brands.

The recall affects California Natural, Evo, Innova and Healthwise dog and cat foods.


Salmonella bacterial diseases are Zoonotic which means they are easily transmitted between pets and people. Animals eating the tainted pet food are at risk as are pet owners.

Consumers who have handled the contaminated pet food should practice good hygiene; for example be sure hands are washed well.

Natura Pet Foods Recalled

Signs of Salmonella include vomiting and diarrhea with or without blood, lethargy, and fever and appetite loss.

Pet owners who suspect their dog and/or cat may have been affected should contact their veterinarian.

Certain pets may only experience abdominal cramping, fever and decreased appetite.

It is important to understand that some infected pets will appear completely normal and act as carriers able to transmit the disease to other pets and people.


In humans, Salmonella causes symptoms similar to those mentioned above for pets along with the possibility of arthritis, Endocarditis, urinary tract infections, and muscle pain and eye irritations.

Household members who fear contamination should contact their health care provider.

The recalled pet foods are being sold in veterinary clinics, at retail and online throughout the world.

Expiration dates on the recalled pet food lots range from December 17, 2013 to January 2, 2014.

Pet owners who purchased any of the recalled pet foods should discard them safely. Consumers with questions should contact Natura toll free at 1-800-224-6123 or visit them online at Naturapet.

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