New Year’s Pet Get-A-Ways

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Fun, safe, and exciting adventures to enjoy and explore for pets and their people this New Year.

If you’re planning a vacation this New Year and plan to travel with Fido and/or Fluffy, you’re in luck! The fact is traveling with pets has become the latest rage.

Not only have nearly 45,000 pet-friendly venues opened their doors to pet travelers, they are competing for your business and are ready, willing and able to pamper your pooch and cater to your every whimper.

The ever growing pack of pet-friendly properties includes hotels ranging from the Hilton and Ritz Carlton to the Starwood and the Hotel W Chain.

Pet Perks for 2013 include amenities from designer dog beds made to match their human signature counterparts, plush puppy ropes along with leashes, collars and even personal puppy pagers. Pet massage therapists are on call and ready to roll when your pet needs a good massage.

Gourmut treats, made to order are prepared and placed on your pet’s pillow at turndown time.

For the casual pet traveler, offers include camp grounds, off leash parks, ski resorts, like Telluride and pet friendly beaches in Key West and Santa Belle.

Now, for those of you flying the friendly skies, it’s finally time for pet lovers to rejoice. You don’t have to worry about putting your pet in cold cargo holds anymore; dogs and cats now fly first class on Pet Airways. It’s the first pets only, no humans allowed airline.

Pets embark on a gorgeous, Beech craft 1900. The pet jet accommodates 19 “pawsengers and offer nonstop service between nine major U.S. cities. Believe it or not, the demand is so high; this pet jet has already increased their flight schedule by over 30% since their initial launch, last July.

Pets are hand-walked up the paw-printed ramp into the jet’s cabin which is fully lit, climate controlled and pressurized. Even better is the fact that pet owners no longer have to worry about a “carrier” because each cabin becomes fully stocked with custom carriers available to fit pets of all shapes and sizes.

Before your trip, it is important to plan well ahead of time and make sure that your pet is welcome at the destination of your choice. Next visit your vet to ensure your pet is healthy and able to travel. While you’re at your veterinarian’s office, your pet will receive a physical exam, and his or her vaccine records and inoculation dates will be reviewed so you pet is up to date on his shots. Keeping a copy of your pet’s records, with you is always a good idea. This is very helpful so that pet owners are able to address unexpected pet health issues which tend to arise when we least expect them.

For pet lovers traveling by commercial airlines, you’ll need to have a health certificate signed by your veterinarian within ten to thirty dates of the date of your departure. Remember that certain pets, especially those that are very old, young, sick or frail, as well as pets that are pregnant or in heat, may be best left at home.

If you’re at a loss as to where to keep your pet or wondering how to find someone to watch your pet, visit House Sitters of America online. They’ve got a staff of true pet lovers, some of whom will even “pet sit” at no charge.

Once you finalize your pet’s health check-up with the vet, it’s time to visit your groomer. Make sure that your pet is clean, smells good and his or her nails are well trimmed.

Finally, pet travelers should respond to basic obedience and at the very minimum. For example, pets should come when called as well as sit and stay. Unruly pets that lack manners, tend to be aggressive or are chronic barkers are generally not ideal traveling companions and in most cases are better off left at home.

Now what about commercial airline pet carriers?

The definition of an “airline approved pet carriers is one that is big enough for your pet to “stand up, sit down, turn around and lie down.”

Should you be traveling by another means and not in need a traditional pet carrier, today choices run the gamut from pet safety belts and car seats to custom harnesses, all of which make great, safe pet travel alternatives.

Remember to plan ahead and be sure your pet is healthy.

Then just sit back, relax and enjoy!

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