Natural Hormone Therapy for Pets?

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Hormones naturally decline as people age… but what about hormones in our pets? In general, and as televised by Oprah herself, hormones are needed by the body and brain to grow, sustain life and function normally. Specifically, the female hormones of importance are estrogen and progesterone and in males testosterone dominates.

Have you ever wondered why so many pets are dying of cancer, suffering from obesity related issues, including arthritis and/or diagnosed with diabetes?

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As an Anti-Aging Pet Health Diplomat and a practicing holistic veterinarian for many years, I have noticed this trend and tried to figure out the underlying causes. Certainly one must consider external factors affecting our pet’s health including food, water and environmental pollution. But the truth is that these factors, for the most part, although less than ideal, have remained relatively constant.

One thing that has changed over the last several years is the age at which veterinarians recommend neutering and spaying pets. Now-a-days pets are neutered as young as 6 weeks of age, which is before their natural hormones are even released.

Did you ever wonder why your older female dog leeks urine in her sleep or your best friend suddenly gets lost in your backyard? Why are labs being afflicted with debilitating arthritis at only 6 months of age? Why is cancer the new leading cause of death in pets?

Why did Pfizer invest over $100 million dollars to put a pet label on a bottle of insulin that’s been around for over a hundred years?

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Does neutering pets at such young ages really promote health and wellness? According to a published veterinary study, the incidence of certain types of common pet cancer, including a type of malignant bone cancer called Osteosarcoma actually increases in dogs and cats that have been spayed and neutered.

Certainly pet overpopulation is a major concern and the need to curb the population of unwanted, stray pets is a fact. Neutering does help certain issues. It reduces unwanted pet pregnancy, decreases hormonally related behavioral issues and eliminates the inconvenience of female dogs coming into heat twice a year. A disease called Pyometra which can affect the uterus of older intact female dogs is eliminated as are most of the disorders involving the reproductive tract in male and female pets.

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Certainly, this veterinarian is well aware of the bottom line behind spaying and neutering dogs and cats. What many may not realize is that, in addition to being necessary for reproduction, hormones are also play an integral role in the structure and function of your pet’s brain, heart, bones and internal organs, including the liver and kidneys. Hormones also affect our pet’s behavior and mental attitude.

Hormones are vital for optimal health and wellness in addition to longevity and life! That’s a fact and it’s as true for you as it is for your pet.

Dr. Carol, DVM

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  3. Dog Breed Dictionary Says:

    Very interesting topic. I had been looking into endocrinology as it relates to the frequency / incidence of cancer in several dog populations.

    Based on the evidence I’ve seen thus far, we may be neutering / spaying dogs much too quickly. I’m glad I’m not the only one that is concerned about this.

  4. Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM Says:

    I agree and as I continue my research into this area, feel that this has become a greatly overlooked factor with respect to pets developing cancer,
    and several other degenerative disorders affecting them at a much younger age than one would normally expect.
    Thank you for your comments
    Dr Carol

  5. Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM Says:

    Yes this includes both arthritis and diabetes in senior and adult pets.
    Thank you
    Dr Carol

  6. Realtor Says:

    Thank you for another great post.
    I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.
    I’m a marketer myself and your information always seems to get my business brain going!!

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    My pit/lab mix got neutered at 6 months old and i am very worried about him not having hormones after reading your blog and many others. I live in Washington and i called about 10 local vets and they all do not do this hormone therapy. Are you able to get me hormone therapy or do you know how I can get this treatment for my dog?

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