Natural Alternatives to Rimadyl for Pet Arthritis

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Dear Dr. Carol,

Two years ago we noticed our five year old Chihuahua dog limping in her right rear leg. Corona was taken to her Vet who prescribed the drug Rimadyl for a 10 day period. I was also informed by the Vet she very likely would need hip and knee surgery.

When I returned home from the Vet I did some research on the Rimadyl drug and was alarmed to the many side effects and potential fatalities some pets have had as a result of the medication.

I decided to see what alternatives were available on the market that were a safe and effective alternative for our Corona.

I came across Dr. Carol’s Website and read about the PAAWS vitamins and her Hip and Joint Support for Dogs. I ordered the medications which arrived promptly and began Dr. Carol’s program.

After a three week period our Chihuahua was running and playing as she did as a pup. She chases my husband when he arrives home from work in the hopes of a good tummy rub! She also now can resume the role of peace officer when our two cats get into a disagreement she feels is unwarranted!

Dr. Carol takes a personal interest in the quality of life for our pets! She has talked with me twice concerning Corona and I know she or her staff is available if ever a question would arise.

Thank you for your quality Paaws product which has improved the life of our pet and family member Corona!

Thank you also for the personal care and interest you share for all of these special creatures!

Lucy C. & Corona
Allen, Texas

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM

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3 Responses to “Natural Alternatives to Rimadyl for Pet Arthritis”

  1. Natural Jeff Says:

    aww, poor little chihuahua can run around and play again! This blog is awesome! I’m going to check out the PAAWS. I just read your article about Dr. Franks and I was surprised to hear that. There really should be better regulations for advertising claims because a lot of what I see on TV is garbage!

  2. Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM Says:

    Thank you!
    Dr Carol

  3. allison Says:

    This provided the best price on a therapeutic dose of glucosamine. We looked far and wide for a product that had the recommended doses of glucosamine and condroitin. This has worked wonders helping our dog live with arthritis.

    She still has some minor symptoms – but these pills have made a HUGE difference for our dog..

    For anyone looking for an economic solution to joint problems, this is a great way to go. They were recommended by our veterinarian as a great alternative to those expensive dog pills…plus, they have worked MUCH better….we are so much happier now!

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