Jeremy’s Battle for Life: A Collie Living with Cancer

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Hello Dr. Carol!

Remember Jeremy our collie? We called you about a year and a half ago when we got the bad news that he was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and we were devastated. It was a relief talking to you that day, but you encouraged us to have hope.

Jeremy had been very healthy most of his life so this was very shocking for us. He was given the option of IV chemotherapy or oral chemo and prednisone. The oncology vet told us that Jeremy could very well not pull through the IV chemo treatment but then again said it could be successful but that it would only give him 6 months at best. The cost of the chemo was also very high and came with no guarantee at all.

So we finally decided to treat him naturally with your help and try to keep him comfortable.

It is hard to believe but its been a year longer than the oncology vet gave him to live with chemo and without any chemo Jeremy acts like a champ. His appetite is still good and he gulps down your anti-cancer diet.

We give him your Paaws vitamins and kidney product every day. They are wonderful and I believe have been responsible for helping him tremendously through all of this. When our friends come over, they can’t believe Jeremy is sick. Sometimes when we are outside playing, he is so active and energetic we forget he is sick. But that piece of paper with the biopsy report from the oncology vet makes us come back to reality.

Our vet is amazed at how well he is doing.  The most recent blood test shows normal kidney values and slightly elevated liver values and some abnormal white cells and our vet said that’s to be expected.

We wanted to do the very best for Jeremy. We love him like a child and now we feel certain that we made the right choice.

We are so grateful for all the time you spent helping us and your wonderful products.

We can’t thank you enough!

Carol, Bill and Jeremy W.

Gwinn, Michigan

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