How to Detect & Manage Dog Lice

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Dog Itching due to Lice

Dog Lice are tiny, six-legged parasites that feed on blood and can cause anemia. Weak, run-down puppies are most susceptible.

If you look carefully at the dog’s hair you may see tiny white spots, called nits, which are the egg casings.

Lice spend their entire life on the animal and are not transferable to other pets or people. Dog lice do not infest your home and are a problem primarily in the cooler winter months.

In the United States lice on puppies are rare although head like on school children are quite common.

Signs of Dog Lice

‘ Itching.
‘ White nits in hair.
‘ Anemia (pale-whitish gum color in a weak puppy).

Dog Lice

What You And Your Vet Can Do

Once lice have been confirmed, the treatment is relatively straightforward and is similar to that for fleas. Most products that kill fleas also kill lice.

Bathe your dog with d-limolene or a pyrethrin-based shampoo. This kills adult lice but not eggs, so repeat the baths weekly until all the eggs are gone. Leave the suds on for five to ten minutes. Pyrethrin dips are also effective for lice and fleas.

Improve the general health of your puppy starting with the diet. Be sure you are feeding a food that is nutritionally complete and balanced for your puppy. Check a fecal, if indicated, de-worm.

Itching can be controlled with Vitamin C supplementation. Dosages range from 250 mg up to 1000 mg daily depending on the size of the dog.

B vitamins and Iron help combat Anemia by enhancing red blood cell production.

Broad spectrum, comprehensive vitamin-mineral supplements help to boost overall pet health and immunity.

Dog Louse Magnified

Complementary Dog Lice Treatments

Homeopathic Dog Lice Remedies

Chrysanthemums contain pyrethrins which are effective against fleas and lice. Citrus fruits like lemons contain d-limolene which is an effective flea repellent.

Homeopathic Dog Lice Remedies

Sulphur 30c may decrease the risk of re-infestation.

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