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Here is a nice letter I received from a client:

Hi Dr. Carol,

So glad you like the plants and can’t wait for you to see them bloom. They are always free for you.

Shib is acting like a superdog now! Aside from eating a little silica sand yesterday, which worried me terribly. I had gotten some sand for the patio pavers and I always do everything all natural and organic and didn’t see this was the silica sand and she lapped a little up and I wipe her tongue off immediately, but she probably swallowed a little bit. It said it was sand for dog and cat play areas on the bag. It said to drink water if ingested so I gave her extra water in her food… I don’t even let her eat the grass except at her house where its not treated. I worry about her alot, but especially since that crappy Vet her in Florida freaked me out. I still need to find a Vet here that can handle me following your suggestions. Sorry to tell you, but You are Shibs main Vet now. You are the best.

But, I have to say, you have set us on a whole new path where I feel real happy for her future. I am so grateful and thankful to you. I actually eat and take alot of what she does for many years and now with your help it is a such great feeling to have her on the same natural track too. You dispelled so much misinformation from my mind about treating dogs in the same way as humans. She is eating 75 % real food and 25% Newman’s adult kibble and all of her supplements and she seems to love it. She is like the Energizer bunny now, that’s for sure. And she has been going poo twice a day most of the week which is a big change. I also check all of the dehydration tests and she is good. Her coat and skin seem softer and I just think she is much happier this way. The Revolution seems to work well and I feel better about using that then the other kinds we tried. Do you think I should keep her on 25% Newmans because I am going to be traveling in about a month for a week or so with her and don’t want to shock her system if I have to give her more of the Newman’s on the road.

I would really love to make an appointment to bring Shib to see you at the beginning of August if you will still be in Ohio. I will be going to Illinois (Champaign) for August and September to start setting up a small nursery location.
Don’t know if you will still be in Ohio though.. I want to ask you about whether or not Shibby needs any other shots. I know they didn’t give her a couple that were due, but you also said they overdosed her on the ones she I want to be careful and I like the fact that you teach people what vaccines they actually need and how much.

I would love to set up an appointment to talk with you about these things again but I don’t want to impinge on your schedule as I know how much you are helping all our beloved creatures big and small who have problems. Wish you could be my doctor too.. ha

Maybe I will call to reorder the vitamins, etc and see if we could have a talk when you have time. I want to pay you for any questions you answer and for the time you take for us..

Thank you so much!
Gretchen and Shib Vicious


Hi Gretchen,
I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful flowers you sent!!
They arrived safely; we re-potted them and are waiting for them to bloom.
Please keep me posted on your dogs progress and feel free to call me
at any time with questions, comments and updates.
Thank you again!!
Dr Carol

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