Dr. Carol’s Top 10 List for Pet Broken Bones

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Although automobile accidents are the number one cause of broken bones in pets, surprisingly enough the second most common cause of fractures in pets is furniture in your home. Pets jump or fall from, for example, your couch or bed and break a bone.

A recent survey of pet fractures sums up the most common ways, from which broken bones in pets result. In 2008, hit by cars topped the list, followed by accidents in which pets fell or jumped, primarily from everyday household furniture.


Top 10 Ways Pets Break Bones

1. Hit by Car
2. Jumping
3. Falling
4. Fighting With Other Pets or Animals
5. Running and Slipping
6. Being Hit or Struck With an Object
7. Getting Caught in or Between an Object
8. Running into Object
9. Getting Stepped On
10. Being Injured in a Car Accident
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Handling Emergency Broken Bones & Fractures for Pets

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standard poodle

I get questions all the time from people whose dog has broken a leg and their vet recommends surgery, but they cannot afford it. Often the surgeries can run $1,000 – 2,000 for simple surgeries to $3,000 – 5,000 dollars plus with complications.

For example here’s what Eliza had to say about her dog:

My 7-year old standard poodle was hit by a car last night. I took him to the ER Vet Hospital immediately. I was given an estimate of $1,600+ to $1,900 and then told I would need to get him to my vet no later than Monday for emergency surgery of fractured radius ulna – which would cost an additional $2,000 – $3,000 or more. This was far more money than I could come up with. I was able to get my dog examined and get pain meds and his leg in a splint for a little over $300 and I brought him home and have been watching for everything I was cautioned to watch for.

My dog is actually doing very well, he has had none of the signs I have been watching for, he is alert, he is eating, drinking, not acting like he is in pain, but I have kept him laying down as much as possible. The ER did not x-ray him, but his paw looked like it was hanging just after his accident. Any advise is appreciated.

Xray broken bone

In these situations, I always advice getting X-rays, so you are able to make an informed decision. Get them taken as soon as possible and try to get them on a CD. That way owners can keep a copy for themselves and can email them out for 2nd opinions if needed.

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