Dog Vitamins Prevent Dementia

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Boosting diets with vitamins C and E may prevent the onset of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, (CDS). This is also referred to as Alzheimer’s disease in dogs and is associated with aging and mental decline, says Ohio based veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne. Adding supplements to your dog’s diet may prevent the damage to brain cells associated with many ageing-related diseases, as well.

Dr. Osborne’s research also suggests vitamins C and E may also protect against dementia by limiting the amount of brain damage after a vascular insult.
Her research, conducted with the Veterinary Hospital at the University of Tennessee followed 100 dogs taking part in the PAAWS for Life Program.
The dogs were monitored and assessed for mental recall and cognitive abilities during tests for 5 years.

Dogs taking both vitamin C and vitamin E supplements, contained in the PAAWS product daily were 88% less likely to have senility or dementia four years later. They were also 69% less likely to have other forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s-related, than the group not given the PAAWS supplements.

Vitamin Supplements for Dogs

Of the dogs without dementia, those given the supplements in both 1992 and 1998 had 75% better mental performance than the group of dogs not given the PAAWS vitamin boosts.

Dr. Osborne said: "We believe antioxidants like vitamin E and C may protect against dementia by limiting the amount of brain damage that persists after a vascular insult. The supplements may also play a role in providing protection against brain cell and membrane injury involved in many ageing-related diseases, thus resulting in significantly higher scores on mental performance tests in later life."
Dogs with dementia face many of the same physical impairments that human stroke patients suffer from, including mobility disorders, behavioral abnormalities, failure to interact normally with family members, and loss of house training, in addition to mental impairment.

Dr. Osborne added: "We originally thought that the beneficial impact antioxidant vitamin supplements had against cognitive decline was the prevention of dementia and senility. However, to our surprise we found there was not only a significant association between vitamin supplement use and clinically recognized dementia but that the effects of vitamin supplementation were also capable of reversing the signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome as well.”

Dr. Osborne also urges dog owners to provide their pets with a natural, balanced diet, in addition to giving supplements and providing regular veterinary care. Talk to your vet to determine what’s best for your pet. Be sure to seek out diets and supplements made in the USA and geared specifically to your dogs age, weight and health status.

For more information log onto Dr. Osborne’s web site at For a personal consultation call 1-866-372-2765.

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