Diabetic Dogs Easily Switched off Vetsulin onto DNA Insulin

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I wanted to share another success story with all of the loving diabetic pet owners searching the web for information on how to deal with diabetic pets still taking Vetsulin and trying to get answers on how to switch their dogs over from Vetsulin to DNA based insulin. It is not difficult at all.

Here is a pet owner who’s little dog was suffering from unregulated diabetes with secondary kidney and liver failure resulting from tainted Vetsulin, in addition to arthritis. He almost gave up on his dog but decided to give it a try and got his best friend back.

Hi Dr Carol,

Spike is doing very, very well on his new insulin and his urine sugar readings are consistent.

We gave Spike the the coffee enema yesterday and my wife
commented today when she combed him out that she thought his
coat was improving. That would be a great event if his liver and coat both improve.

His mobility has increased quite a bit in the last day. Not sure if the 1/2 tablet of the hip/joint pill has
kicked in already or if the Adequan shot on Tuesday made the difference.
I suspect it’s the hip/joint pill. I intend to continue to finish up the Adequan,
then will keep him on on the hip/joint supplement, kidney essentials and PAAWS vitamins forever.

I discontinued the saline flushes 5 days ago and his kidneys are completely back to normal.
I am amazed and so is my vet. I can resume the fluids any time you feel it’s necessary
but my vet and I both agreed he was doing well enough to stop for a while.

It really has been a pleasure working with you on all of this.
My wife and I are very thankful to have found you and so glad we didn’t give up.

It is wonderful to have our happy and content friend back again!

Dr. Carol you are truly a blessing for our pets.

Thank you

Thomas and Marilyn K. & Spike
Austin, Texas

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