Daily Pet Vitamin-Mineral Supplements Promote Healthier Life

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Researchers recently reported that pets given an over the counter comprehensive multi vitamin-mineral-antioxidant supplement containing multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements helped aging dogs and cats maintain normal brain function and cognition despite being seniors.

In addition the pet supplement boosted internal immunity and reduced the rate of infection borne illness by over 50% when compared to the group not receiving the supplement.

This study demonstrates the fact that dogs and cats given a daily comprehensive pet supplement are able to enjoy longer years without encountering major disease related disability.

The researchers also calculated that for every dollar spent on the supplement approximately 28 dollars in veterinary bills were eliminated by preventing or delaying age related illness and functional decline.

Another study from Canada revealed that pets who were given daily comprehensive vitamin-mineral-antioxidant supplements maintained a leaner body weight and consequently avoided obesity related health disorders, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

A third study conducted in the states on a group of senior pets who had been given a comprehensive supplement on a long-term basis revealed a 16% reduction in cancer related pet death. Furthermore Vitamin E supplementation slashed death due to heart disease by 28%.

Talk to your veterinarian about a balanced comprehensive vitamin-mineral-antioxidant pet supplement to enhance and extend your dog and cat’s healthy years.

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